Monday, October 1, 2007

Lela who stole the show

Lela did go to that party. She was the prettiest girl that evening. See the picture. She is the best, and from the gleam in her eye, you can see that she knows it. All the flirting and the kicking of heels was not documented, but she was the queen of the night.
Constance, do you recognize your girl ?


rochambeau said...

Well you look beautiful Miss Erla!!

Oh my! Lela didn't realize she was going to lead such a glam life in Iceland, or she would have taken a few etiquette lessons before she flew out. I hope she had proper manners in front of the Prime Minister! She is a little character and a bit of a flirt isn't she?

You're the best!
Thanks for being such a good mom!

Mo'a said...

What a beautiful photo of you and Lela, Erla.
I am not surprised she stole the show...and I am sure you did not do so bad yourself.

rochambeau said...

Dear Erla,
Mo'a taught me how to say your name. I wasn't saying it correctly. It's hard for me to pronounce though. Do you know all about the 13 Santa Claus's in Iceland? I'm afraid Lela will be afraid of the one with the Big cat!! What's up in your world today my friend?

Ulla said...

'Erla and the Volcano' there's a story to tell!!! You two look fabulous! So happy to see the photos of your exhibit too! Iceland seems to be treating you well! Hugs to you!!!

rochambeau said...

Hey Friend,
I told a doll maker friend named Mary about your blog today.

Her family is from Iceland.

Hi to Lela!

Guðný Anna said...

Vá, hvílíkt flott kona þessa Lela. Gætirðu kynnt mig fyrir henni?