Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lela Birdalina

I present to you, the magnificent Lela, the prettiest birdalina I have ever seen. She arrived on my doorstep this evening in a brown cardboard box.

She sprang out of the box with a gusto. Poor Lela, she has been back and forth to her mom Constance twice. But Lela arrived this evening in good spirits, she documented the time when she came out of the box. Lela likes her new kitchen clock so she wanted to have a picture of the time.

Lela did a bit of flamenco on my kitchen table, she did spin around and ended the show on the kitchen fish. This flying fish has been adopted by Lela as means of transportation here in Reykjavik. After that, she decided to have a bit of honey.

After her debut on Icelandic grounds, she has gone to sleep in a dish, shaped as a fish. She has a bit of difficulty with the smell of sulfur (the hot water is geothermal) and she sleeps with a cute lavender sachet next to her pillow to mask the new fragrance of volcanoes and burning earth.
Her blanket is an antique linen napkin from Vienna.
Lela, being a creature of fierce emotions and strong will, has decided that her new country is all right for her. She is a volcano at heart and plans to continue her ways.
Thanks dear dear Constance for your special creation. Thanks also for the little lavender sachets and the rose and the lovely card.
I will take Lela to a party next weekend. More of Lela after that.


carole said...

Oh Erla:
She finally made it you :)
My Miss Kili and she do resemble one another; maybe because they are sisters. 1 in Iceland and 1 in America : )
She is ravishing!!! I am glad I got to see ehr.
have a wonderful time with her

rochambeau said...

Oh Erla,
So great to see Lela has touched down in Iceland to her new life!
Even though she is a bit "high maintenance, I hope she will not be too much of a "Diva'. I can't imagine she ever dreamed of sleeping under a antique Viennese blanket!! You spoil her so!

Parties? Listen, Lela LOVES parties!
You must promise to please take a photo of you two together!

Sweet Dreams.
I Will meet Mo'a next Wed.

Lea said...

Lela is so lovely and she looks so at home in your new home!!! I look forward to hearing more of her adventures and where she flies you to!!!

rochambeau said...

Did Lela have fun at the fete?
Is she behaving?
I hope she hasn't been too naughty!!

Heiðrún Dóra said...

Ég man eftir sögu frá því ég var lítil, um prinsessu sem átti kjól sem gerður var úr fjöðrum allra fleygra fugla. Hlýtur að hafa litið einhvernveginn svona út.

Anonymous said...

Það er eins gott að Karólína sér ekki hvað þú dekrar við Lelu. Hún yrði örugglega abbí.

Rebecca said...

Hi Erla,

Thank you so much for you sweet compliments on my dolls. I looked at your paintings on flickr & they are FABULOUS! I particularly loved (I don't know the name of it...) the face that seemed to be pieced with blocks of yellow color. Beautiful & stark. You are a lovely artist. I'll be checking back often!