Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My furniture are all gone into a huge container.
Next week my home will be Iceland once more after 16 years away.
It will feel strange I am sure, like moving to a new country.
Hopefully my creativity will continue in the new place.
I am mentally saying good bye to Vienna, my home for the last 7 years.
Those are some pictures from my neighborhood, the 4th district.


Rochambeau said...

Dear Erla,
In a way it is heartbreaking and in another way, all of the things that are to happen next would never happen if you don't move ie: If I never moved to NJ we would not have met. Carrie was my appointed computer Angel! AND has created 3 websites for me.

So... I can not wait to learn of the new adventures and friends you are about to meet!!

I will be moving soon. I will need you to remind me that I told you these things, because then you will be rooted in your new Iceland!!

carole said...

Hi Erla:
Wow, a bit sad and yet exciting to go home after so many years away. What an adventure is in front of you!!!
Keep us updated so we know how the move is going for you.
Take care
Your friend in California

Mo'a said...

What a beautiful neighborhood you lived in, in Viena. It is so different from Iceland. Iceland has it's own unique beauty...I am sure it will feel strange at first to be back Home.
I hope you will find lot's of inspiration for your artistic heart.
Goda ferd heim til Islands!!!

LOL the verification letters are
gsyer...that is an omen...I think :)

carole said...

I just came from Constance's blog and saw your Birdalina!!! She is carnival looking and happy. You and Constance both like birds : )
Have a good trip and keep in touch
Your friend

Rochambeau said...

Dear Erla,
I wanted to let you know that I wrote about Birdalina this morning. I realized this afternoon, I hand done your link correctly!! :-(
Oh well I just fixed it.

Sending happy thoughts of flight fancy.

Rhea said...

I know so many people who are 'going home' after years away. Iceland is such an interesting place (for a visitor). I don't know how you feel about it, as I just found your blog today!

GAA said...

Elsku hjartað mitt. Megirðu kveðja Vín með gleði og söknuði sem þú kemst fljótt yfir og heilsa Íslandi með opnum hug og heilu hjarta. Margir gleðjast yfir hingaðkomu þinni!!
Faðmlög í bunum frá þinni gömlu.

Dorian said...

...a new adventure, Erla - but new experiences to fuel your creativity. Your artistic community is only as far as your computer. You were one of my first blog visitors, I will be in touch.

Rochambeau said...

Thinking of you.
How is the move going?
Sending good thoughts!

paris parfait said...

Visiting you from Rochambeau. That is quite a switch, from Vienna to Iceland! But I wish you all the best in your next chapter. No doubt you'll have lots of adventures to chronicle. Will be back to visit your lovely blog again.

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Hi everyone.
It is nice to feel the support. Thank you so very much.
I am sitting on the floor now. My flight is tomorrow at noon going through Copenhagen.
I will keep you posted as soon as possible.
Thanks again.


Merisi said...

I found you just now through Constance. I wish you all the best, a great fresh start in your country. I moved to Vienna two years ago, the first time as an adult that I live in the country were I was born. Knew less about Vienna than many a visitor, but I am beginning to feel very much at home. Wish you the same for a safe and happy return home.

Rochambeau said...

Hi there,
Where are you now?

Sending good thoughts.

Merisi said...

I hope you have had a good welcome back home! I am looking forward to hearing from and about Iceland.

gaa said...

15. ágúst:
Til hamingju með afmælið, elsku dúllan mín.
Hlakka til að sjá þig.
Eigðu yndislegan dag - alla daga.

Lea said...

Dear Erla, I've been trying and trying to get on your blog and finally... I am here in your beautiful world that is changing so quickly, into the known, but vast unknown... may these changes be gentle with your heart and bring you in time much abundance and renewed life... I so look forward to visiting you again and thank you so for your sweet words about playing with my Nikki.

rochambeau said...

Dear Erla,
Checking in to say hi. How's the painting coming along? What about that mischievous little Lela le Birdalina? Has she knock upon your door today?