Thursday, April 8, 2010

The blue vest is for Elin.
It is made with some remarkable soft mohair - wool mix.
An ideal thing to wear on a mild sping day.
The pattern is home made.

The little jacket is for Magnus, born in February. The size is more for February next year!
It is so hard to estimate when one is not working from a pattern.


ColorSlut said...

The vest is fantastic. How does it fit/wear?

Sharmayne said...

Hi Erla,
I've been doing a bit of blog search & happened upon your blot...very nice. Coincedently, I too am a nurse but live & work in Australia.
From Sharmayne (

rochambeau said...

Dear Erla,
Your site looks magnificent! The new banner especially.

The sweaters for Elin and Magnus are spectacular!

While looking at your work, I am reminded of how lucky your family is to have your work, I am too!

Part of you, your lovely soul is evident in all you create.