Monday, September 14, 2009

Back in Vienna

Being back in Vienna is like being back home, in many ways.
Like so many people like me who have moved to one country after another, home is never home anymore. So why does this feeling of being homesick continue?
While I was still in Iceland I made a little baby blanket. It is for my nephew's daughter who we expect to be born next month.
My family is very excited and wait her arrival with great anticipation. The blanket was photographed in late evening on my balcony in Iceland.
The balcony plants did great this summer. See?


Merisi said...

Welcome back to Vienna, Erla! :-)

I remember "meeting" you for the first time just as you were leaving for Iceland. I hope you feel soon as at home here as possible when one is not in one's own country!

I am leaving Vienna tomorrow, for a week or so,
but would love to meet you after I come back. I will be here the latest for a performance of Mayerling at the opera, on September 25th - shall we plan something for after that? How about Demel's? (I know, everybody likes to emphasize that "proper Viennese" do not go there anymore, but honestly, I do not care, I am quite alright with the notion of not being a "proper" Viennese, even after 3 years and counting *smile*).

If there is anything I can help you with bein reacquainted faster with the city, please let me know!

With my very best wishes,

Mary Louisa said...

Hi, It was so good to see your comment on my blog, thank you for the very nice things that you wrote. I hope that you will feel at home with out any trouble. I have not lived in Iceland since I was a teenager but still get the heart felt yearnings of Island calling to me to come back. And I do but not often enough. But traveling is so much fun and meeting new people. Never saw flowers like that when I was growing up in Iceland they are beautiful, and so is the blanket for the new baby. Love and happiness to you all,Mary Lou

Mo'a said...

Such a lovely blanket...lucky baby :)
This was a good summer in Iceland for people and the flowers.
I know just how you feel...there is always that longing for home.
I am lucky that I am able to go back to Iceland every year.
I hope your stay in Vienna will be a good one for you.

rochambeau said...

Hello friend,
Your blanket is so beautiful and colorful! I bet this is will inspire your Great Neice from the get~go!!
Like you I have moved to many places. I never thought I would grow up to be a Gypsy!

All will be well friend. This is the NEW VIENNA!! Your gift to yourself! I'm SO happy for you! Bring on the Strudel and the Opera!!

Love you!

rochambeau said...

Hi Erla,
Are you now in your home?
Hugs from afar~

rochambeau said...

Hey friend,
Hows it going???????
Did you and Merisi meet yet?
Are you in your apartment now??


rochambeau said...

Hi Erla,
Just checking in to see how my friend is doing!