Saturday, June 6, 2009

The hidden message

Guess what.
I just found out that there was more to Robb's mothers day card than the instructions.
It was a message for a happy mother's day in Icelandic.
Painted with lemon juice, heated with iron, and voila!
Nice !


Mo'a said...

Hallo!!! I did not know that you are posting again. Good to see you back. I missed you.
So you are going to Vienna again.
Your Husband's blog is great, as is his art. Two wonderful artists in one family.

Robb said...

Oh no! It was supposed to be a Giant Anteater...maybe I need to use more lemon juice next time :-D


rochambeau said...

This is cool! My mom has shown me also you can use a candle. It was her secret way to write messages when she was a girl.