Thursday, November 6, 2008

A new sweater for Constance Muller

There is a whole invisible community of people in the blog world. People who are connected by the internet, share ideas and friendship, write to each other and support one another.
It reminds me of the existence of elves in Iceland.
Everybody knows they are there, almost nobody has seen them, but sometimes you just know of them (after all, you have to believe), and a few people can communicate with them. I am not one of those, so the blog will have to do for me.
I met Constance Muller through through her site.
She is a keen blogger and a lovely person. She makes wonderful Floralinas and other mixed media, soft wonders. She is the creator of Birdalina, if you remember my beautiful little handbag she sent to me last year.
This is a sweater I just made for Constance.
I hope Texas can sometimes be cold enough to use it.
Thanks for your bog, and thanks for your friendship Constance.


rochambeau said...

You have absolutely NO IDEA how much the gift of your lovely hand knit sweater means to me! The fact that you took your time and creative energy to knit it makes me speechless! Now I TRULY DO own an Icelandic sweater!! What a stunning gift!

I love the idea of thinking about you and our internet friends as elves. Me? do you think it is possible I might be a blog Faerie???

Yes friend,
I am so proud of our country right now! And happy for our world too!


Britt-Arnhild said...

This is a perfect sweather for Constance. How very kind of you.

Greetings to Iceland. You are all in the thoughts of all Norway these weeks and days.

carolyn said...

Just popped over from Constance's blog, she looks lovely in that sweater. You are indeed a talented knitter.

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Thanks Carolyn.
Yes Constance looks great.
I agree.
Thanks for stopping by.

Karen said...

Its beautiful, Erla! You are so talented!

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Thanks Karen.
How very kind of you.
Thanks for stopping by.
Take care.

Ulla said...

Erla, your generosity knows no bounds. I hope you are well this season and keeping warm!
Hugs from Ulla

Gidi said...

Hey Erla!
What about us here? It is indeed Christmas and 32 Deg. Cels. but we can do with a nice cardigan that will cover our oversize belly that grew in Ethiopia...

Mary Louisa said...

Hi Erla, My name is Mary Louisa and I also am a friend of Constance. We meet here in New Jersey when I was working in a fabric store. :) What a beautiful Icelandic sweater you made for her. I am half Icelandic and noticed the sweater right away.What a lucky lady Contance is.

Ragga said...

Erla! Takk fyrir kommment á prjónasíðunni minni. Kíkti inn til þín núna. Meiriháttar þessi peysa sem fór til Texas. Ég er líka mjög skotin í pilsunum þínum. Haltu áfram og ekki gleyma að taka myndir - það er ómetanlegt að eiga svoleiðis... bestu kveðjur,Ragga E