Sunday, March 9, 2008

The old coffee pot.

With moving back to Iceland it has been a struggle again to find time for painting and such.
I went back to a course to get me started again.
The teacher is Þorri Hringsson. A really talented artist who patiently keeps us at our exercise.
My first assignment was to paint this old coffee pot.


Ulla said...

Erla! I love the humbleness of your painting. Lovely... And your skirts - oh my! They are wonderful!!! ARe you doing Batik on corduroy? Love the mushrooms! I am sending you Easter Kisses from California!!!

rochambeau said...

Dear Erla,
This painting is incredible. You are such a talented woman. Can't wait to see what you will create next.
Happy Easter!

Frú Bartolotti said...

omg! hvað þú ert flínk erla perla. Svo svoooo skemmtilegt að sjá þetta - ég verð glöð í hjartanu. :) Bláa með einu blómi er uppáhaldið mitt, en mikið hlýtur að vera gaman að geta gert svona. Til hamingju með sjálfa þig gullið mitt

Frú Bartolotti said...

... nei annars bláa með þremur - eða sveppirnir..

Mo'a said...

Hello Erla, I am using Google Reader...somehow your blog did not come up...Ulla mentioned your painting in her blog and that is how I found out that you are posting again. I love this coffee reminds me of the bags they used to use in them when I was a little girl.
I will be in Iceland in July :)

rochambeau said...

Hi Friend,
Nice to hear from you.
How is your mom?
Love to you,

rochambeau said...

Dear Erla,
Did you receive the article about Iceland I sent you?
Hope all is well in your neck of the world. today I'm organizing for our move in a few months. You can relate I know.