Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back in Iceland

Thanks everyone who has left a comment on my blog lately.
I have been terribly inactive in my art making and busy with work and the move.
Now back in Iceland, I plan to improve in this area. Maybe I will even pick up crafts and the oil paint again.
My trip to Japan was wonderful in all aspects.
The psychogeriatric conference was excellent and my 3 days with Elin were magical.
I send a picture of her and her boyfriend Robb doing a bubble blowing contest on the train and some folded origami cranes in the Ueno Zoo.
Much love to everyone.


Britt-Arnhild said...

Welcome back north.

GAA said...

Gott að vita af þér heima, en betra væri nú að sjá þig, gullabúið mitt.

Karen Cole said...

Welcome home, Erla.

I am so glad you enjoyed your trip to Japan. I always like to mix my business with pleasure when I travel.

Happy creating again!!!

Thanks for your very kind and thoughtful comments.

rochambeau said...

Welcome home friend!
So glad you had fun on your trip. Japan calls me so it's good to know you got to go and can share your experience. Also that you are home safe and sound. Hope you will create something beautiful very soon, maybe today!!

with love,