Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Moa's chrysalis

There is an Icelandic woman in New Jersey, named Móa. She sent me this beautiful little chrysalis.
It is like it has just popped out of the rose.
It stays in my kitchen window,
and watches the kids upstairs play in the garden.
Thank you Móa. I love it !!


Mo'a said...

Thank you Erla...she looks wonderful with that rose. My favorite flowers are white.
It is fun to think of her watching the Children play.
You are most welcome...I love my painting that you sent has not made it to my studio, it is on our piano in the family room.

Lea said...

It is so beautiful and so perfect to assist in your new home being home. Mo'a is so talented and having her friendship to greet you each day is lovely. Thank you for sharing the chrysalis with us!

rochambeau said...

Sweet little chrysalis baby to grace your Icelandic home! Mo'a is a dear heart!
Happy to see your post today!

Britt-Arnhild said...

So sweet. I enlarged the photo to have a better look.

Ulla said...

A beautiful Chrysalis for a natural beauty finding a new home, how perfect is that? Hugs to you!