Thursday, July 19, 2007

This landscape, ocean fantasy I just painted
Possibly a bit out of focus.
Maybe that is a good thing :-)
Oil on canvas, 23x30 cm


Rochambeau said...

Dear Erla,
Thank you for introducing yourself to me. YOU are a very talented woman.
This oil painting is beautiful! You paint in a style that I like very much. I'll be back to visit!
Thank you for your very kind message for my birthday!

Simmy said...

Hello Erla,

Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. I just came over to visit and I must say you are so taleneted - I love your paintings and the other things you make.

carole said...

Hi Erla:
The ocean is it.
I love your felting.
I just missed the felt club feat in Los Angeles last month : (
I will learn. I love the bag!!!