Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Angels for Brianna

A young girl named Brianna has just died after battling leukemia.
She lived in California with her loving family. She was only 17 years old when she passed on.
How young to die, but she was truly loved.
My sincere condolences to her family.

There is an auction being organized for Brianna.
Her memory will continue to live in the hearts of artists who participate in this auction.
We all make an angel which will be auctioned off for fund raising. Thanks to the people organizing this to give us an opportunity to participate.
This is my angel for Brianna.
It is made of linen and cotton, has fresh water pearls for eyes, feathery hair, coral mouth and suede shoes.


The Decorated House said...

Your angel is wonderful! The heart and soul you put into it certainly shines forth.

Mabena said...

Beautiful angel!
Thanks for the heads up on the crocheted teapot.
All good wishes

Ulla said...

Erla! I LOVE your angel! You have so many talents! She is delightful and full of heartfelt charm! Hugs to you for contributing!

BECKY said...

Thank you for your comments Erla,(love your name) and your angel is precious, love her face.
this auction is a wonderful thing isn't it.

Mo'a said...

Erla I was looking at the auction Angels for Brianna and saw your Icelandic name.
You have great talent in so many mediums. The angel you donated is lovely.
I am also Icelandic and live in the US

CARole said...

I saw your angel on Brianna's auction and thought it was so interesting. After looking at your other works of art, I am impressed, you are such a talented artist in so many mediums. Good luck with your angel.