Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I made a great art exhange with my friend Ulla in California.
She got my pigeon painting and she sent me one of her beautiful necklaces.
Thanks Ulla, I love it !!!!


Ulla said...

ERLA! It was my best trade ever too!!! You look absolutely STUNNING! I am so glad you took a photo of yourself! I am really enjoying all of your 'quick' sketchs too... Love the fish! Hugs to you, and many many thank yous!!!!!!!!!!

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Ulla !!
Thank God for the internet.
Otherwise I would neve have "met" you.
Much love.

GAA said...

Ef þú ert ekki sætust, þá skal ég skila mér aftur. Yndislegar myndir allar saman! Lít til þín af og til, endrum og eins, ótt og títt. Nýt myndanna þinna á nýju skrifstofunni minni!
Love & hugs.

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Takk elsku Gudny Anna.
Eg hlakka til ad sja nyju skrifstofuna thina.

Rochambeau said...

You are so pretty. And in Ulla's necklace is beautiful!

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...
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Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

What I meant to say, is that it is really special to have Ulla´s necklace. She has put so much love and detail into the work. I feel so privileged to have one of her pieces.
Thanks for the comment, Constance.

Donna O'Brien said...

Wow, talk about original art!Both you and Ulla have your own style, for sure!!

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Thanks Donna.
You know, Ulla has made such a difference in my life.
If it was not for her I think I would still not know all this creativity in the world and all of your wonderful ladies !
Thanks for leaving a message on my blog.
Take care.