Thursday, May 24, 2007

I know some lovely people in Japan.
The Shidara family.
Michiko is an artist. You can see some of her calligraphy, collage on antique and other lovely creations. She presented Elin with this wonderful antique kimono. It should be folded in a special way too. Thank you Michiko for a lovely day.


Ulla said...

You look wonderful in that first photo! I adore the calligraphy pieces! and your daughter looks wonderful in the kimono! What delightful memories...! I am almost finished with your necklace...

GAA said...

Oh, hvað er gaman að verða svona þátttakandi í þessu, elsku Erla. Þetta er allt svo framandlegt og föngulegt. Elín er æðisleg í kimononum. Takk fyrir þessa fagurfræði! Love from me to you.